There are opportunities within the oil industry for those looking for work but it can be challenging in the current climate. Positions are still available but they are highly sought after and when Australia’s oil reserves dry up, that means the open jobs go with it.

The good news is that there are still unexplored areas of the country, particularly in the gas market. Australia’s gas market is now growing, and that means it’s starting to heat up with new opportunities again and for a good reason! It’s a competitive and attractive industry with high salaries and great benefits.

We have seen some interesting trends in the job applications we have received over the past 12 months and to make applying easier, I have put together the following advice for oil and gas professionals to consider when applying for roles.

Create An Attractive CV

Your CV is going to get you noticed and so learning how to write one that stands out is important. You don’t need to pay for CV and cover letter writing services for this, either, as we offer this service for free and can help!

There are some platforms that ask you to submit an application with an optional field for attaching your CV but as a rule, it’s better to always attach your CV to an application rather than leave it out.

If you don’t receive many responses in a competitive market, the problem may not be with your CV but with the fact that there are very few companies hiring.

Revise Your CV for the Position

Revise your CV to reflect the requirements of a job, but only within reason. You want your CV to reflect the role that you are trying to apply for and if that means adjusting it to highlight certain duties in the job advert, it will stand out.

Our suggestion is to have a master copy of your CV and to make minor revisions for specific job applications as needed, rather than save multiple copies of your CV.


Always Follow Up

If you apply for a role it’s always a good idea to follow up on your application within 48 hours. A call or an email asking for feedback is well placed and our team are happy to update you on the progress of your application. This can put you in a great light because you have shown you are keen on the role!

It’s best to refrain from sending multiple applications for a position you’re interested in as these don’t add value to your application. It’s also a good idea to avoid applying for roles that aren’t relevant to your skills and experience. A mismatched job application could damage your chances of securing employment.


Look Out for Genuine Job Postings

Avoid responding to vague social media posts. I have seen posts on social media from companies claiming to be ‘hiring for all positions in oil and gas in Australia – click like or reply if you are interested.’

If a post lacks details or direct contact information, ignore it and choose to apply through a genuine recruitment company – like us!



We have some way to go for a full recovery in this sector, but we are moving in the right direction. Opportunities in oil and gas will be available again before too long and at Patch Personnel, we can advise you on suitable roles for your experience.

Visit our website for all our current positions to see if any are relevant to you – our specialist recruitment team are here to help!