Labour shortages are impacting industries across Australia, but the oil and gas sector is feeling the pinch in more ways than one. Globally, traditional fuel suppliers are losing out to the rapidly emerging renewable energy sector. A negative perception of oil and gas companies makes it increasingly difficult for them to attract and retain knowledgeable, highly skilled workers. Ultimately, this will significantly impact the industry’s capability to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

With skilled workers choosing to transfer their skills to the renewable sector and the younger generations flagging the oil and gas sector as climate change outlaws, the question of; how to attract the right talent? requires innovative action and broad thinking.

Understand the Motivators and Speak to Them

When speaking to a pool of potential candidates, you must identify their motivations and trigger them accordingly. These days, people desire to work for a company that speaks to their purpose and presents long-term opportunities for advancement. Additional to this is their desire to feel that their ideas and contributions matter and will have a positive impact on the organisation.

When advertising job openings, it is crucial to highlight the aspects of the oil and gas industry that genuinely interest potential employees. Words and phrases such as scientific, engineering, geopolitical, energy, and climate challenges will stand out.

Additionally, language that positions candidates as a force to confront these challenges head-on is beneficial. The workforce is now more purpose-driven, and your recruitment efforts should demonstrate how a role aligns with your company’s purpose.

Rewrite the Narrative

Oil and gas companies play a vital role in the energy transition journey. When posting job opportunities, use language that enforces your commitment to this transition and explains how roles within your organisation contribute to upholding it.

Nowadays, most professionals seek to work with companies that align with their personal brand. An opportunity to join a company that openly front-foots the issues and strives to be part of the solution is a good fit.

A Demonstrated Commitment to ESG

ESG concerns have become increasingly important to employees, with over half the respondents in a 2021 study saying they would decline a job offer from an employer whose social and environmental policies did not align with their values. Addressing these concerns should be central to your focus when attracting Engineers.

Your organisations must consider what’s possible and act where it can. This might include structural changes, offering upskilling opportunities or establishing sustainability programmes. The focus should also be on making cultural and behavioural changes that show how you intend to drive this change.

With a comprehensive ESG strategy that makes climate change a core value, potential candidates will see that you hear their concerns and take them seriously. This will capture the attention of those who seek to make a difference.

Be Transformative in Your Approach to Operations

As people move away from industries they perceive as detrimental to the environment, transformative operations have never been more critical. This is especially true when attracting Engineers to your organisation. Such transformation allows companies to unlock improvements that benefit the environment and the bottom line and achieve operational excellence.

Operational advancement streamlines processes, enhances information access, and can create a more satisfying day-to-day work experience. And when addressing the issue of how to attract the right talent, an operational environment with fewer frustrations and process issues is desirable.

An active pursuit of operational transformation will foster a culture devoted to excellence and create an environment everyone wants to join.

Healthy Leadership Culture

Without a healthy leadership culture, you’ll fail to cultivate an environment where employees can thrive. Effective communication and enthusiasm to collaborate are crucial for building an effective team. These skills are akin to superpowers for the modern leader and warrant our attention.

81% of employees working in Oil and gas in Australia value supportive management that stands behind them. You’ll earn an excellent foothold as a preferred employer if your leaders are known to have an appetite for continuous learning and seek to inspire their teams to inquire, engage and innovate alongside them.

Embrace Technology

The oil and gas industry has benefited from technological innovation in numerous ways. It has enabled producers to lower production costs and accomplish more with less. Automating routine and repetitive tasks has freed up workers for more challenging and engaging work, providing a mentally stimulating environment. These advancements have also alleviated workplace pressures and have done much to improve the appeal of working in the sector.

Use your tech-forward culture to your advantage when selling a prospective role within your firm. The more you show that your company embraces technology across all aspects of your organisation, the more compelling your offer will be.

A Future to Strive For!

The oil and gas industry has undergone significant changes over the past few years in the midst of a clean energy transition. To propel your company into the sector’s exciting future, you must focus on the strategies above to target and recruit the motivated talent you need to lead this positive change and capitalise on the successes that come with it.

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